An informed buyer is a smart buyer. That’s why we’d like to help you understand as much as possible about all the options available to you when purchasing an LED sign. When choosing an LED sign for your organization you need to ask yourself the following questions:

How far away will my audience be from the LED sign?
Look carefully at the location where you want your LED sign to be installed. You want to be sure that your target audience will have the chance to read your complete message before they have passed your LED sign. After all that is the point of the message sign — to convey a message. If you choose the wrong display you may not be able to communicate your message clearly to your targeted audience.

How much time will my target audience have to read my LED sign?
Travel past the location and determine the starting point and ending point of the visibility or your sign location. Note the distance from start to finish and the time it takes to travel that distance. Let someone else drive while you do this. If your target audience is stopped at a traffic light, you will be able to communicate complete messages with a smaller LED sign. If your LED sign is to be viewed by pedestrian traffic the factors still remain the same. How long will it take the average person to walk past your LED sign?

If your target audience is driving past your sign at what speed will they be traveling? Drivers traveling at 55 mph will have less time to read your message than drivers traveling at 35 MPH. How far away will they be when they’re first able to see your sign?

What kind of messages do I want to communicate to my target audience?
Take a few minutes and consider the type of messages you would like to see on your LED sign. Write them out and look at them. When programming an LED sign you will want to use abbreviations whenever possible and avoid punctuation marks. Short, easy to read and understand messages are the most effective.

Can your advertising message be conveyed in only a few words? Or will you need more text to make certain your message is clear? Compare the following examples:

LED sign message exampleLED sign message example

Take a moment and write down a few messages as you imagine they’d appear on your LED sign. Count the characters (including spaces) and the number of lines you’d need to display your message clearly and completely. This information will help you determine the right PHYSICAL size your sign.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at 800-341-6397 to discuss your LED sign projects and requirements.

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