LED sign advertising room rates boost hotel occupancy

You’ve probably seen the numbers quoted before.. the SBA says adding LED advertising to your business can increase your sales by 15 to 50 percent. Compare those percentages to direct mail, yellow page or print advertising and it’s clear LED signs outperform all of these traditional forms of advertising.

Let’s create an example of a small store with monthly sales averaging $30,000 for this comparison.

The yellow page ad is essentially a “shot gun blast” advertising the store to a population of 500,000 within a 50 mile radius. The ad will contain important information about the store including the type of merchandise they carry, their hours and location. But this ad is not flexible and will remain the same for the period of at least one year.

The LED signs outside the store will be seen by the best possible potential customer…  people who live in the area and pass by the store on a regular basis. The signs will promote specific sales promotions, i.e. FRIDAY ONLY… or HOLIDAY GIFTS… driving customers to purchase NOW to take advantage of these special offers. These advertisements can be updated throughout the day, week or month.

According to the VYP Post, a publication of the Valley Yellow Pages, the returns on an ad of this type range between 10.7 and 23.4 percent. Let’s compare the high end of that return to the high end of the LED sign sales increase estimated by the SBA . The yellow page ad could potentially bring in $7,020. The LED sign could potentially bring in $15,000.

But the impact of LED signs advertising isn’t limited to only the increase in sales. LED signs offer the store owner additional benefits that simply can’t be offered by the YP print ad. If our store owner advertises slow-moving and inventory overstock  items they’re not only seeing an increase in overall sales, they’re also improving their inventory turnover which keeps their merchandising fresh and their product offerings up-to-date and competitive.

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