In today’s busy world, people spend more time than ever before in their cars commuting to and from work. Reaching this moving audience on a regular basis will help you promote your business and increase brand awareness. Your best potential customer drives right past your door every day. All you have to do is capture their attention with your LED sign!

Eye-catching reverse text in a single color LED sign

Eye-catching reverse text in a single color LED sign

Whether you’re rotating simple text messages in single color or streaming live video on a full color LED display — your ad needs to be eye-catching, easy-to-read at a glance and enticing. Before you create your ad start with a basic plan. We recommend this simple four step outline:

  • Introduce the main idea. “Lunch Special” or “Holiday Event”
  • Feature details of the advertisement: “Every Wed. 12pm to 2pm” or “Kids under 10 yrs FREE”
  • Offer more detail: “During November” or “Benefits Local Community Center”
  • Call to action: Provide a phone number, website address or other relevant contact information.

Be Simple
The most effective outdoor ad designs capture the essence of an idea and convey it concisely. Outdoor audiences are mobile and have limited exposure to messages. Use short and simple words for fast and easy comprehension. Focus on a single idea or message. High frequency and repeated exposure will ensure your message is received and remembered..

Use bright, contrasting colors to catch attention

Use bright, contrasting colors to catch attention

Be Colorful
Contrasting colors can improve the recognition and readability of your advertisement. Light text on a darker background. Darker text on a lighter background… bright color against somber color… can improve advertising recall by 38 percent. Subtle color differences can be difficult to recognize for a moving audience.

Be Bold
Ensure immediate product identification by making logos and brand names large. Choose graphic elements with a strong focal point since busy photographs or graphics are often difficult to discern.

Be Readable
Use large and legible typefaces. Choose fonts that are easily read at long distances. Fonts with thin strokes or ornate script will be difficult to read. be sure to leave adequate space between letters, words and lines. Remember overweight typefaces or crowded characters can lose their basic shape when viewed from a distance and become difficult to discern.

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